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Cant listen to local files or save the settings

Cant listen to local files or save the settings



I have a recent issue with local files, they are greyed out and cant be played, even the ones not being grayed out is playable. Right as of now i have no source for local files, but still somehow have 332 songs availible?? I have tried everything from reinstalling and following instructions on the site but to no use. If i add another source for my local files which are all mp3, it just adds another double of the songs which also are unplayable. I have tried different harddrives and different maps and it just wont work. How can i fix this?


Another issue is that i tried changing some advanced settings like the 3 second fadeover for songs, i applied that i think 15 times now, but it just changes the setting back to standard? Is there a way to save that setting? What can i do about these issues?


Thanks in advance.

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