Continuously skipping

Continuously skipping


My desktop player on windows 10 is continuously skipping songs one second into the song. My account does not do this on iOS, web player or amazon alexa. 

I have tried to find answers through the community including uninstalling the windows app mulitple times. It has not resulted in any change. 

Any help would be apprectiated as I cannot use the windows app at all at the moment. 


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I am having the exact same problem here! Web player and iOS are working perfectly fine. It is just the mac native app that is acting up.


Hey @adriscoll54.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


If you're still experiencing this issue after updating to the latest version of Spotify on desktop, could you try downloading from the following links and see if either of them work for you:

  • here (from the Microsoft Store)
  • here (from the Spotify website)?

Let us know how you get on!


@wmero - have you tried some basic troubleshooting for the Mac app?


If that doesn't work, make sure to search for a relevant thread in the Mac help board, and if you don't find a relevant thread, then create a new one in that board. One of our Spotify for Mac experts will get back to you there as soon as possible!


Thanks 🙂

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