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OS: Windows 10


Crossfade isn't working correctly - for some songs, crossfade will work as intended. For others, there is no crossfade. Restarting Spotify, turning on/off crossfade does nothing. 


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Hi @DoneGotYoted,


Maybe the song has a pause at the end. Try and increase the crossfade time. Hopefully, that will fix it!

I agree,  try changing it to the max (12s) also are using a playlist on shuffle because songs that may follow from the same album WONT crossfade! If you're on default C.f. (5s) I noticed some fade better than others, but I now have it set on MAX SHUFFLE!

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@DennyEMufc @DoneGotYoted,


Have you tried a clean reinstall of Spotify?


Same issue for me. Windows 10. Crossfade has never worked as far as I can tell. I have set it to 12, 6, 1 etc and no effect. Have big gaps of "silence" in between songs.

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