Daily Mix Functionality Question


Daily Mix Functionality Question




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Does disliking or removing a song from the daily mix remove it from all future daily mixes or just that specific one. What i mean is i listen to alot of different styles and sometimes spotify hiccups and puts a good song but the daily mix it's in has a completely different genre and it just doesn't feel ( example recently i was listening to some classical music / compositions and there was a rap song in the middle of that same playlist ) does disliking it remove it from all the future daily mixes or only this one with the specific genre. I am not sure if this is clear if there is anything unclear just ask and ill do my best to clarify.

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Hey there @Vanador

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When i started using Spotify i was also interested on how it works and how Daily mixes are put toghter and stared reading about it on the Spotify "Newsroom" online.

I'm adding this article explaining how Daily Mixes "get us" and as i'm sure you'll enjoy reading it.

On top of that check out the "Daily Mix" help page for any further info required.


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