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Daily mix disappeared

Daily mix disappeared





Dell XPS 15

Windows 10


My daily mix disappeared on my desktop app and I also can't find it on my web player. I had I think 6 daily mixes before so it is not an issue of not having it, it just disappeared for some reason. I was listening to it just yesterday but today I can't find it anywhere, I looked in made for you and it has top songs 2018 but no daily mix. I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app. If I type in daily mix into the search bar one thing titled Daily Mix comes up but if I click on it it just brings me to the Made for you page.

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I am having the same issue on iPhone 6S. Latest iOS 12.4.1. I literally listened the day before and the next day they were gone. Have tried searching for it but get the same results as you. 

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