Delete entire library

Delete entire library

When i started using spotify, i didnt realize i had as many songs as i did. I planned on moing my apple music library over, but while apple allows 100,000 songs...spotify only allows 10,000. Because of this, i cant like songs anymore because i added the amount that cut me off. Rather than go through and delete one at a time, i was hoping for a way to just mass delete all of them so i can start liking songs again to be able to start over. All the pops up in search is a way that no longer works. You can't just simply go to songs and Ctrl A and highlight and delete. When they decided to no longer make that possible, did they make another way to clear the library that doesnt involve doing it one at a time?

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Hey there @MrFleharty,

thanks for posting in the community!


Just to make sure, you're using you desktop app, trying to Ctrl+A your playlists in order to remove them and unable to do so ?


I tested it a few minutes ago and it works.

Please provide me we further info and tell me if i understood correctly as i wish to help.


Waiting on your update 😃

Ok so I got that part now. When I try to, it all just freezes and I have to restarty computer twice. Not sure why, but it won't let even back on the computer when I have to force shut down, so I have to restart again. Maybe I'll try deleting in a smaller chunk this time

Hey there @MrFleharty,

thanks for the quick update.


I'm glad we covered that part.

The issue you're experiencing at the moment is probably caused due to overload on your system.


Deleting small chunks will probably make your system usage go lower so it can work through it.


Let me know how you did 😃

I started with 10...most at once is 700. Gonna go for a thousand. Seems to be working, tho. Thanks!

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