Deleting Songs from My Music


Deleting Songs from My Music


Okay guys... I have an issue that now completely messed up my music collection management.... Looking out for some ideas... 


I hit the 10000 song limit on my music (darn it, but that's another topic) then I thought okay let's move all the stuff back to playlists, and just add new stuff (or the latest record of all artists I listen too) into my music and archive everything else... so what happened is

* dragging all songs to a new playlist works like a charm

* I can not empty my music ... strg-a -> delete -> you really want to delete 9200 songs? -> Yes!!! -> it takes a while and then I am back with 9050 songs. the rest did not get deleted? So do I have to do that 100 times??? Is taht a bug or intended behaviour?


Any ideas to get my music empty?


Then I thought okay ... just use my music to follow artists... and boom .... only some 150 or so are shown in artists, another limit...



Also managing large playlists seems to be really cumbersome, but creating a playlist for each record takes forever, a playlist for each release year would be an option.... but guess what... I can not filter playlists or my music songs by release year?


Any ideas here?


Another thing... I tested creating some paylists per record say ~100. I can play them random if I put them in a folder (check). But mergeing them to one playlist (to e.g. throw them back into my music) by selecting or something seems impossible..


Any ideas? 


It feels like whereever I go I stumble into smething that's not implemented... 😞



And btw changing service is not an option for me (tried that), from my perspective others have far more dramatic shortcommings e.g. not supporting folders.


Looking forward to hear how you deal with those issues...

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