[Desktop] Spotify App Discord Integration not working


[Desktop] Spotify App Discord Integration not working

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Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue


I've seen this problem come up for many people but none of the solutions worked for me.

Listening to a song on Spotify Web works perfectly fine with the discord integration, however when I listen to a song on my Spotify PC Client it won't show anything in Discord. It used to work before.


Closest solution I got was to uninstall Spotify, unlink everything, reinstall spotify and link my account once again. It showed my songs correctly for a very short time, until I changed my Spotify songs directory and restarted the client (I don't think the library change was effecting this, prolly just the restart).


I tried all the standard solutions, I have the acocunts linked in both Discord and Spotify account setting, I have "show songs played in status message" enabled, I have tried to add spotify as a game but that's not what I want since that's not the live integration, I unlinked and relinked the accounts several times.


My Spotify Login is tied to Facebook, maybe that's causing some problems with the account integration, I don't know. It seems like Discord takes the information not from the Spotify client itself, but from the Spotify account activity, that'd mean that the Spotify client does not update my Spotify account activity properly. I can also listen to Spotify Web and the Client simultaneously what shouldn't work with my account and also supports my observation.


If anyone here has had a similar problem and solved it, I'd be glad for any possible solutions. Thank you.