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[Desktop] Volume fluctuating

[Desktop] Volume fluctuating

My Question or Issue

My volume spikes and lowers randomly. I have tried every single fix I have found posted here. Turned off auto-enhancements, turned off normalizing volume, tried normalizing volume with the loud setting, uninstalling & reinstalling the app on my desktop, choosing 'do nothing' with communications activity, muted all sounds possible coming from my applications, and I am losing my mind at work. It has now started to also do this while playing on my firestick at home. -_-


I use the desktop application and have it connected to a bluetooth speaker. Someone please help me. I sit at the reception desk and can't be having my music doing this.


Creating a profile on here is my last resort to try to solve this obnoxious issue.








Operating System

Windows 10 pro



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 Did you try to desable/enable hardware acceleration?

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