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Desktop Window Focus

Desktop Window Focus

Can you please just follow some basic UI design practices and make it so that there is some indication that the Spotify Desktop Application has focus?  I am on Windows 11 and you can't tell in any way that Spotify is the current window with focus.  There is absolutely no change in the window presence when I switch to and from the application.  Even some other apps that don't have a system title bar at least show the configured accent color on the border when focused.  I have 3 large monitors for my job as a software engineer and I purposely have my accent set to a bold color so that I can quickly identify the application that has focus among the many windows I have tiled across them using Microsoft PowerToys FancyZones.  And on another UI issue.  Spotify is the only app I have that won't size properly to a quarter of my screen (1920x1200) since it has a minimum height restriction that is just a little larger than a quarter tile.  Please just practice some minimum UI etiquette.   I love your service but your UI is terrible.

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Same issue on Windows 10. System is configured to use accent color for window borders, but Spotify desktop client ignores that setting.

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