Desktop app doesn't save current session properly

Desktop app doesn't save current session properly




 The Netherlands


Asus laptop

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Windows 10


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 Whenever I (re)open my Spotify app, it should show me what song I was playing when I closed the application after my last session. The problem is, it only saves my session sometimes, and by sometimes I mean less than once a month. So everytime I open up Spotify, it loades up a session from weeks ago. Same song playing, same time remaining, same shuffle and/or repeat mode.

Now this is not that annoying. The annoying part is that the application seems to remember not only whether Shuffle was on or off that day, but also what songs I have already listened and what songs I didn't yet. This results in that I always hear roughly the same songs over and over again, each and every day. Until it decides to save the session, eventually. So, of my playlist of ~250 songs, I hear ~30 of them multiple times a day, and some songs I literally never hear. And this is in Shuffle mode. 

I tried replaying the same and other playlists, I tried toggling Shuffle mode, and I tried reinstalling the app. Reinstalling the app did result in the last saved session to disappear, and so my listened and not-yet listened songs were reset. This was however only a temporary fix, as it then does the same thing again.

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Hey there @CatDance,

thanks for posting in the community !


Whenever i play a playlist and want it to work on shuffle mode and come up with a different set of songs each time i play it i just start from a different song.


However, adding the shuffle play help page here fo further info 😃

Thanks for your reply! However, if I start my playlist from a different song, unfortunately the queue stays roughly the same. 

Having the same issue with the desktop app. Restarting from another song will indeed reset the queue for a few songs, and then again the same songs will play. However I don't want to choose another song each time myself, that is what the shuffle button is for after all!


Hope this will be resolved, a rework of the shuffle mechanics alone would be a huge step.

I'm now using the spotify web player to get new songs in my queue, which kinda works but this is of course no fix. But things aren't supposed to work like they do for me now, right? Is this a bug? If so, is there someone working on a fix? If not, why not?


Forgive me for being impatient but it really is driving me nuts.

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