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Desktop app freezes and crashes PC

Desktop app freezes and crashes PC

Premium user, running desktop app on Windows 10.


The desktop app is garbage. It does not play nice with any other software on my PC. If I'm running anything any more resource intensive than my web browser, then 9 times out of 10, the desktop app locks my computer up to a totally unresponsive state and the only thing I can do is hard reset. I'm tried every troubleshooting tip I could find... I've uninstalled, reinstalled, switched between the downloaded desktop program and the windows store app, updated drivers, checked hard disk for any errors or bad sectors, and nothing has given me any indication that this should be happening, nor has solved my issues. This is ridiculous for a service I pay for.

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This. Really is pathetic how crappy the desktop app is on Windows. Runs great on my 2012 Macbook, though.

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