Desktop does not work whatsoever.

Desktop does not work whatsoever.


Spotify on my desktop refuses to play anything other than the playlist I created. When I search for a song it does not play, adding songs to my playlist does not actually add them, and the daily mix has gaps where songs should be.


I have deleted and installed Spotify multiple times, both from google and the windows store, and I have the same issues on both. I am on a free account, however it should still let me add songs to my playlist and play them. Spotify is allowed through my firewall and I have a stable internet connection.


I have included a picture of my daily mix, which shows the gaps between songs. It stops playing after each song and I have to skip the gaps to get to the next one. I am using Windows 10 if that makes a difference, I never used to have these issues on Windows 8.1


Considering using Deezer or YouTube because they at least somewhat work.

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