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Desktop not using Trusted Root CA Store

Desktop not using Trusted Root CA Store




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Corporate Domain Joined Lenovo Desktop

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Windows 10

I have the desktop application installed, and we recently deployed an HTTP/S Proxy in my network. In the past, Spotify was functioning fine with the proxy. Now, for some reason, the desktop application is upset about it. I'm not sure what's wrong, but I'm thinking somewhere in communications Spotify sees our internal certificate and doesn't trust it. I am sure it is not a proxy connection or authentication issue because I have manually filled out the proxy details and it still does not function.


When the issue occurs, Spotify claims to be offline (error 4), but when I make changes on other devices (like play a song from a different device) Spotify on the desktop reacts and shows these changes. obviously, some components are still connected and others are not.


The nature of our proxy deployment allows me to disable the proxy from the client, at which point it functions normally again. However, my ideal solution would be to tunnel all the traffic for Spotify, as our department agrees that Spotify doesn't pose a threat to our network and we'd rather just not toy with the traffic if unnecessary.


Could I be informed as to what domain names I should be tunneling to make the desktop app happy? I've done all the Spotify subdomains via wildcard, but the program is still unhappy. I even noticed some traffic to the akamized CDN and tunneled that, but still no dice. 



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Same issue here. I am using linux and I also wanted to import root cert, but not happening with spotify. 

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