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Disable Explicit Songs?


Disable Explicit Songs?

Is it possible to tell spotify not to play any songs with explicit lyrics?  I like to play random playlists or spotify's top lists sometimes but don't like songs with explicit lyrics. 


Any help would be appreciated.





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It's obvious that Spotify doesn't really care about explicit content. Pandora seems to handle this pretty easlily. For that reason after the 30 day trial I will not be continuing with Spotify.

100% agree.  This is surprising oversight by Spotify.  When playing music over a sound system at a public event, Spotify's playlists are perfect but for the inclusion of profanity-laced songs. 

I don't think this is an oversight. I think they're actively against this feature. See:

Jacob, I just read your post  and I appreciate the work you put into it.  I know how difficult and challenging APIs can be to work with, so thanks for making an effort for the rest of us, even if Spotify isn't being  receptive about it for  some strange reason.  I would encourage others to read your post and email Spotify about this as well. 

Thanks again for trying!

One thing I really want to make clear to Spotify: an explicit song filter isn't just about old prudes sitting around complaining about that "rude music those wipper-snappers listen to!"   It's about parents would would love to put the radio feature to use as an EDUCATIONAL platform, to play things like learning songs or spanish language songs for kids in the radio form and not have to worry about explicit songs streaming.  As I posted earlier, I was listening to a radio station in Spotify based on a very-harmless "Learn Spanish With Maria Fernandez" and one of the "related" songs was a pornographic track.  I couldn't believe it, and I could never in good conscience use Spotify radio if something that strong could make it's way into a radio station like that.


Spotify, please reconsider adding a filter feature for your users.   Thanks.

I have the same issue trying to play fresh music from spotify at my workplace DBL07 Consulting but I can't have explict songs cranking across the office.

I completely agree with the folks in this thread.  I like to listen to hip hop and rap, and want my kids to be able to hear it too, but can't if the non-explicit versions are unavailable. Pandora does it, so it's certainly possible. But I'm tired of Pandora and came to Spotify to get something fresh, but can't listen to it most of the time because of the content issue.  I certainly can't have random hip hop and rap music on because you never know when they'll use the N word, and I can't have my younger kids hear that as they don't understand the context atthat age.


If you want to compete with Pandora, which is essentially what you're doing, it just makes good business sense to provide this option to your listeners. Otherwise, you're missing out on that complete listenership of parents and people who are generally bothered by those lyrics.

This is a fundamental feature. Pandora has had it for quite a while and I'll be using that for any radio or shuffle play until this is done.

Google Play has this feature also.

If this is not implemented soon, I'll have to kill my subscription since my kids listen to to the raido stations with me and bad language is a no go.

I too am baffled as to why you take the time to mark a song as explicit but the listeners can not opt to filter out the explicit songs.  I can not sit on my phone all day while I work worrying about the next song that pops up.  I see new playlists and get excited about playing it, until I scroll half way through and see ONE maybe TWO explicit songs.  Seriously, couldn't you just leave those off so I can play something at work, or around my kids.  


Also I can't believe that this thread has been going on for years... and spotify hasn't addressed our concerns and desires.  NOT very customer service oriented.  


Unhappy Spotify User

Careful what you wish for: the most arbitrary tracks are flagged up as 'explicit' on Spotify. Like Tutti Frutti by Little Richard, which I suppose was risque in its day, but 60 years later? And as for Jealousy by Billy Fury, to name one ludicrous example I've come across recently...


I agree with those who say it should be an optional setting only if it is to be introduced. I would hate to have my listening dictated by censorship based on - who knows? Currently it certainly doesn't appear to be based on listening to the tracks concerned. 

Fair enough, and I agree it can be a little overzealous (Netflix, for instance, will filter "not rated" films if you have parental controls, and while they err on the side of caution with this, it also results in the "Charlie Brown" TV specials, also not-rated, being flagged) so I see your point.


At the same time, though, if the kids are listening to it, I'd rather be more cautious and risk stuff being filtered, if it means that the Spotify radio can run without accidentally cycling any porn tracks, which was my original issue (a radio station based on "Learn Spanish with Maria Fernandez" would bring in a porn sound effects track, which to mer is just mind-boggling).


You're right, let it be an optional feature, but just give a filter feature for those who want it, Spotify.

This feature is LONG overdue.  It's just common sense and decency.  Allow users to filter out explcit music.

I would love a disable explicit button. Not only do I not want to hear explicit language I do not want those around me, including but not limited to children, hearing it. With todays technology it does not seem like it would be hard to program. Thank you.

I've made a Windows/Mac app that will enable users to automatically skip songs that are marked as Explicit. Hopefully this will help people out until Spotify finally introduces this feature.


Spotless - a free Spotify Profanity Filter


Get it here:

Any update on this?? This is a much needed feature!

I was ready to sign up for Spotify premium! Then I logged in to the website thinking that like Pandora I could filter explicit content, only to find Spotify doesn't not offer that feature. How ridiculous. Some of us have kids and would like to listen to Mumford & Sons without the occasional that too much to ask? As a result of this I will be giving my money to Pandora.

I signed up foe the free two month trial. Now that I've found that Spotify will now allow an option to skip explicit content, I am choosing the option to skip Spotify and find another provider. It's just too bad that tho is nothing something they'll do for their users.

Hooray, someone with better coding skills (and more time on their hands) has created an application that will block explicit songs. Other features include blacklisting artists /songs, skipping repeating songs and of course explicit songs. For $5 it is worth it. Unfortunately it is only for Mac.


Get it at:


For my version Spotless go here:


(I am in no way affiliated with denied - I just paid the $5 myself. It just solves this issue that so many people are having)

Such a good idea, but a big shame that it's only available to 10.10  

Will ask the developers to create version for older OS users - of which there must be plenty.


However, shame on Spotify for not adding this filter.  They need to walk up and open their eyes!


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