Disconnected External HD cause redownloading


Disconnected External HD cause redownloading







(Dell Latitude)

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(Windows 7)


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 I  have a premium account for a long time,
I use my external WD HDD for offline storage but sometimes it disconnects and even though directory still exists it is trying to download 2000+ songs again and again... I show the directory "hey app look here your files are" but the app still insists redownloading...
on my part, there is no foul play but your app keeps eating my bandwidth quota...

a) so can you help me to solve this issue to show the app where the files are and it will stop redownloading
b) do you plant to reimburse my this month data bill and all of your other users...
c) do you need support "how to write a simple if / else / else if statement for the locally stored files "if exist stop downloading"etc?

sincerely, yours truly annoyed paying user

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Re: Disconnected External HD cause redownloading

Gig Goer

Did the offline songs storage location under advanced settings change after it was disconnected? There are only two spots I could imagine is causing this issue and that is one of them. The other would be Local Files, if you added that location as a source you may have to remove and re-add.