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Discord presence and device connection not working

Discord presence and device connection not working






Evoo Gaming LP5 Laptop

Operating System

Windows 10, Version 10.0.19043, Build 19043


My Question or Issue

This is an issue that has only appeared recently. When playing Spotify through the Windows desktop program, the Discord presence is not updated. It works fine through the web player and the mobile app. Additionally, I cannot connect my desktop app to my mobile app or the web player. The web player and the mobile app have no problem communicating with each other.


I have deleted my cache and performed a clean reinstall several times and nothing has changed. I have tried unlinking and relinking my Spotify account with Discord to no effect. Turning my VPN off has also not had any effect. My hosts file has nothing blocked and my firewall is not blocking any Discord or Spotify traffic.


I downloaded an older version of Spotify ( and it appears to be working fine, so it seems something had to have broken with the latest update. However, as Spotify forces automatic updates on the user without their consent, it is not a viable solution for me to continue uninstalling the latest forced update and reinstalling the version that isn't broken.

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Hey there @Aeskylos


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


Could you let us know if the same happens if you log in to your account on a different PC?


On another note, just to confirm, have you tried following these specific steps to reinstall the app? Also, make sure to download the app from the Microsoft Store


Lastly, we suggest that you check if the OS of your PC is up to date. 


Keep us posted.

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I don't have another PC to test this on. I have also performed a clean reinstall of the app according to those steps, as I mentioned in my original post. All traces of the Spotify app were deleted before reinstalling, including the appdata folder.


I don't use the Microsoft Store version of the app, nor do I wish to. However, you may want to take a look at the reviews there, since a few more people apparently have the same problem I do with that version of the app.

Right now, my problem has been worked around by uninstalling the current version of Spotify and installing an older version of Spotify, but since there are updates pending today for my OS, I'll install those and update Spotify as well and see if that changes anything.

Hey @Aeskylos,


Thanks for the reply and info.


We don't recommend using older versions of the app, since we can't guarantee that they'd work as expected and be malware free, because they're uploaded by unauthorized users.


This aside, can you let us know if you're using a VPN or are connected to a school/ work network on your computer? We've received some reports recently that users who use VPN experience similar issues.


Looking forward to your reply.


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Hey! I actually got the exact same issue roughly two weeks ago, and as of now their is now valid support/response. So I assume it's just gonna be an issue that will randomly fix one day, which is really annoying, but I have a whole thread about this same issue here.

Also almost none of the suggestions work, so yeah. 

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