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Discover Weekly Bad

Discover Weekly Bad

I'm just fed up of my discover weekly being bad all the time. I know this is old news but there's always something Scooby Doo related in there. I have no interest in this and its been almost every week since I made my account that there has been a Scooby Doo related song in my discover weekly. Why, just why?

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I second this. My Discover Weekly is convinced I'm really into Finnish Polka and/or Polish pop music despite never having listened to anything remotely similar. I've been blocking artists left and right, but to no effect. It's been this way for years. I'm completely at my wits' end. 


90 % of track recommendations are garbage. It can't be that hard to give us some sort of control over the music that's being recommended to us. In theory, this is such a great feature and has been tremendously helpful for discovering new songs and artists, but it's hard to sift through track upon track of music I'm just not into – every. damn. week.


Please fix this, okay? ❤️

My Discover Weekly is bad too. I can't say if I have found any new artist for me ever from there. I find them other ways. First Spotify has to know, why I'm listening (because of FM radios are full of playlists: hit hit hit, banger x3, essential x3 - always the same ** tracks). I may like the artists, but want whole catalogue, not 3 best known hits always and day after day. Spotify have my listening data, use it. DW does not have to be full of todays new artists or tracks - it is enough if they are new to me. From updating playlist I found recently.. Garbage, Katrina and the Waves, and many others etc. and guess what? No "Walking On Sunshine". If the algorhythms always suggest hits and popular tracks, it is going to wrong direction. Also - the other opposite is wrong.


Other things. Because of all kinds of fake artists and scams (not going to say that name), Spotify needs to convince me, why should I listen artist X ? One paragraph: based of me listening Y, Artist X has released singles, albums, performed here and there.. some other achievements etc. Just shoveling some weird names that I don't recognise and randomly checking Fans Also Like: just as weird -> " - " and not listen, that's my policy (Harry C. voice). Instead of some tiktok features, develope quiet informative info sharing. When I'm looking artist Z (from today's DW) page, down to Information.. It is empty!  Who and what is Z ? Before I cue/play the track, need to know. Finally.. I have listened over 6000 artists according to LastFM, there is range from "<100 listeners" to Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Weeknd. The DW algorhythm needs adjustment.

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