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Discover Weekly and the rest of the playlists are not updating

Discover Weekly and the rest of the playlists are not updating







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Windows 10



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Discover section is not updating it is still stuck with the playlists made in May.

I tried to logout and login again in both the PC app and the web player to no avail.

any help is appreciated.

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Hey @wattman, help's here. 


The Discover section updates only if you've been actively listening to music. If not, it will be slower. If your account is newly created, it will also need some time to gather info in order to give you recommendations.


Which playlists aren't updating? If possible, could you try a different network connection? This is because Spotify relies on a stable internet connection in order to function properly. 


Further, try logging in on the app on another device, such as a phone to see if the issue persists. 


Let us know how it goes!

thank you for the prompt response and sorry for the late reply. However, I stopped using Spotify on may but got back to using it for the last month and has been 2 weeks since I noticed that my discover weekly is not being updated  and no new playlist being made in the discovery section and that would include daily mixes and Release radar.
as for my connecting I connected to the Internet by wire and did not have any issue in playback in spotify (or any streaming service on 4k) also tried it over my mobile data to be sure and still no new playlist is being made in the discover section of spotify. and as I mentioned in my first post I tried to login in both the web player and windows app and still no luck.
any advice is appreciated,


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