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Discover -- previewing a track

Discover -- previewing a track

Right clicking and holding the button down over the play icon for a selection used to preview the track, and releasing the button returned you to what you were listening.  That function no longer works for me, and I miss it.  What can I do to bring it back?  Please and thank you.

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Same here, it stopped working just recently,  I can't say for certain if it was part of the last update - but I remember the "Restart to Update to the lastest version of Spotify" message thingy popping-up recently & this being broken around the same time.


I've re-installed it as suggested in other places for similar issues - that didn't help.


It still works in the "Browse" - "Overview" (part of it), the "Top Lists", and the "New Releases" sections = but not in "Discover".  Please fix this...

. . . and the only place I used the preview feature is in the Discover utility.

It appears this is not an important issue to Spotify.  <cricket . . . cricket>

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