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Disliked Songs from Previous Week Display for Current Week for Release Radar

Disliked Songs from Previous Week Display for Current Week for Release Radar






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I love that you guys added the like/dislike option for Release Radar and Discover Weekly but there is an issue with it. I'm not sure if this issue is happening for Discover Weekly because I don't use it as much as I do Release Radar but it's definitely happening for Release Radar. 


Last week was a terrible week for my Release Radar, I disliked almost half the playlist which is pretty rare for me. The issue is today the Release Radar playlist refreshed like it does every Friday but a few of the songs I disliked are still on the playlist. What is the point of keeping disliked songs on these playlists? It just wastes room for other music that could be offered. I understand displaying the same songs the next week if they are liked/saved to library because there isn't always new music coming out but if I dislike a song don't show it ever again and replace it with something else I might like.

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I have the same issue. I disliked some songs the previous week but on todays Release Radar again has some songs from artists that I disliked. And while the choice is available I expect that if I dislike a song or an artist it won't be shown anymore on the upcoming playlists. At least this particular one. Otherwise, this it doesn't make  sense to like or dislike while it is not considered. And in fact playlists are not customised anymore. 

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