Downloading Local Files to my Desktop

Downloading Local Files to my Desktop

I had some local file songs I'm trying to get onto my phone. I started by adding them to a separate playlist on my computer and trying to download them offline there first. For the last two hours all it says is "Waiting..." and won't download this playlist. However, trying a different playlist it downloads right away. What am I doing wrong?? 


I don't have more than maybe 20 other songs downloaded, so that isn't the issue. I have tried toggeling the switch as well as deleting and reinstalling the desktop app. PLEASE HELP!! I am a little desparate at this point to get these songs onto my phone. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hi, according to my knowledge,if the files are on your computer, the playlist will only be available to download/play on the computer, and if they're on your android device, they'll only be available on the device itself. Hope this works for you.

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