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Drastic Volume Changes During Regular Playback

Drastic Volume Changes During Regular Playback






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When listening to music on my laptop, the app volume randomly drops from 100% to about 20% very often.  I have to manually bring the volume back up, only to have it drop again shortly thereafter.  Any insight would be appreciated.

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I'll second this, volume started dropping to 50% recently, happens at totally unrelated occasions, at times when I'm not even around the computer. Can be OK for hours, can drop 3 times within a minute. And I honestly can't even think of any direction where to look, all potential solutions would apply to system volume, not specifically the Spotify app. There is no pattern I can see whatsoever.

(Win 7, no system or driver updates within the timeframe, desktop Intel Core Quad device, Spotify account linked to an Android phone as well (and I have my suspicion that this here might be the offending part, for the lack of better ideas))

Anyone? Any ideas at all? My mental health is in danger!

This **bleep** issue!

I'm seeing it suddenly not only on my Google Home/Chromecasts, but my kids Alexas (playing spotify). My son likes to listen to soft music to fall asleep and 3 times the volume randomly jumped UP.

On the google devices, I will be playing on a group and the music on all speakers (not just one in the group) in the group randomly jumps to a much higher volume.

This proves its something in spotify that is changing the volume.

This is an incredibly annoying issue.

I wonder if anyone from actual Spotify ever reads anything here, there are too many threads about this to call it an unfortunate coincidence. 

(Luckily only happened once today, as opposed to almost 10 times yesterday, and yes, I'm writing this reply just to bump the thread, annoying AF)

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