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Duplicate songs and removal

Duplicate songs and removal




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Part of what i'd like to do here is ask for something to help with duplicate songs saving to my library - i often come across a song and think "why haven't I added this yet?" Then, after adding it, I realize that I now have two of the song. However, when I try to remove the duplicate (by hitting the check mark in my songs tab), Spotify removes both songs from my library and I have to re-add one. The duplicate issue was mentioned before in the forums, but I haven't found anything on the removal issue.



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Hey @greenmobius,


Hope you are doing great!

When you save a song to your Songs, it will be there and when you come across that song you will notice it has a green check, which means that it is saved once. So you won’t have any issues with duplicates saved to your Songs. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


Have a nice day 😉

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