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Error 24 when installing update

Error 24 when installing update






Desktop PC

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue


The latest version of Spotify won't install. I keep getting the following error:


"The installer encountered an unknown error.


(Error code: 24)"


This is preventing me from even opening Spotify and I have to download/install the version from the website, to then be told an update is available and when I install it I get the same error. It's incredibly annoying that, seemingly, the version I download is not the most recent version. I also cannot ignore this update and just close/open Spotify as it tries to install the "new" version. Please fix this, it's driving me insane!!

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Seriously? Nobody can help me? I can't be the only person this is affecting...?



I'm having the same problem and haven't found a solution.

A workaround for now is going into your Spotify folder and deleting the update; that way Spotify doesn't try to update when you start it up, though it does download it again once it is running.


Here's how:

Press the Windows key + R to bring up the 'Run' window

In the Run window, type %appdata% and hit enter


This brings up the AppData\Roaming folder, but we want the AppData\Local folder. So click the small up-arrow next to the adress bar to get to the AppData folder, or just click on AppData in the adress bar.


Then go into the Local folder

Then find the Spotify folder, and go into that.

Inside the Spotify folder, there will be a folder called Update. The new update is in that folder.


Simply delete the folder, and Spotify should start up as normal.



Now, as mentioned, every time Spotify is running, it will download the update again, so this Update folder needs to be deleted before starting Spotify, every time you have had it shut down.


To get to the folder more easily, you can go back into the AppData\Local folder, and make a shortcut to the Spotify folder. 

You can right-click and drag the Spotify folder out to your desktop, release the right mouse button and select Create Shortcut.

Or you can right-click on the Spotify folder, select Create Shortcut, and drag that shortcut out onto the desktop.


This is just a workaround until the error with the update is fixed. This just prevents Spotify from trying to install the update.



Thanks for the info. Hope it helps others and me in the future, but just now Spotify has installed the update and started back up. I don't know if it will try to install another update later, but it seems this is fixed for me is it for you?





It seems this is not fixed. It keeps trying to install the update again. I don't know why it's doing this. Every time I want to use Spotify it tells me I have to install an update, then it breaks with this error. I have to keep running the installed to re-install the **bleep** thing every time!!!


Come on Spotify, I'm paying for**bleep** now make it worth my money!!

It's still not fixed for me either, but I've found a different workaround:


If you go into the AppData\Local\Spotify folder, go into the folder named Update, then into the folder of the new update (e.g. "spotify-update-").




Copy the contents of the new update folder into the AppData\Roaming\Spotify folder.


Replace the existing files with the new ones from the Update folder. That updates your Spotify installation to the one it's trying to install.

Thanks for the response, but I don't have an Update folder. I only have the attached.


Hm, if you're getting an error when it's trying to install a new update, there should be a folder in your AppData\Local\Spotify called Update, which contains the new update. I've added some screenshots to my earlier reply to make it a bit clearer. If you're getting that error without an update folder being present, I'm not sure what's going on.

I ran a registry cleaner and it fixed my problems.

For the record, I am still getting this error message when I try to update. I have to go into Appdata/Local/Spotify and kill the Update folder. Did not pursue it further. Not sure if it is permissions, bug, etc. Seems to be an ongoing problem for some of us.

I was having the same problem, but I think I fixed it.


Try going to the Spotify website and simply download the program again. My system filled in the gaps for the update and it is now working properly. 

Just wanted to add that I'm still having this problem between windows and spotify. I've succumbed to simply using the webplayer in it's place.

ohhh you made my day thank you so much !

I was able to resolve using the great instructions provided earlier, so thank you Tumleren for those.


However @spotify please can you do a proper fix for this? I have to do that workaround on one of my machines, manually, every single time you update the client. It's getting old now.


The most convenient solution for me was to manually execute the spotify-installer contained in the update folder, which installed the update.


So far It works, lets wait for the next update and see if it breaks again... fingers crossed!

....the method did not survive a reboot.

I have tried posting this three times now, and each time the system tells me there was an error. So let's do this another way.


I have posted a batch file that will allow you to update spotify relatively easily here:


To use:

Edit the localspotifyrundir assignment to your desired directory. I just use c:\users\myusername\Spotify.


Save the file as updatespotify.bat and run it. When the Error 53 pops up, hit cancel. When you get "Spotify could not be started", hit OK.


When the batch file completes, there will be an installation of Spotify in the directory you have designated, and you can run it from there.


It's idiotic that Spotify installs anywhere but under one of the Program Files directories, but this at least helps you get around it fairly easily.


Good grief why is it that when I try to post ANYTHING here I get these stupid errors . . .


Anyway. Today I found out that if you change the parameter for the priority switch on the bitsadmin line in that batch file to "high" rather than "normal" it runs a LOT faster.


Boy these forums are bad. Second try . . .


This morning I had to update my UpdateSpotify batch file to explicitly delete the installer that Spotify downloads, or it would continue to try to execute it. The updated batch file can be found here:


I have fixed it! what you need to do is run the Spotify installer once again!


Screenshot 2021-10-04 105248.png
Screenshot 2021-10-04 105321.png
Screenshot 2021-10-04 105321-1.png

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