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Error submitting my playlist, pls help! (Playlist Exchange)

Error submitting my playlist, pls help! (Playlist Exchange)



I tried posting my playlist in Playlist Exchange several times now. 

When i put in the URL (spotify:playlist:4D9WbLWQ4dRX9mBxTlbtGi) 

I get an error saying that i have to use a valid URL but im 100% sure this link is valid.

Because it also show the tiny preview of my playlist when i put the URL in.

Can somebody please help me? Thanks in advance!

URL: spotify:playlist:4D9WbLWQ4dRX9mBxTlbtGi


See image:

When adding the url, also my plylist pops up but i still cant submit it. 

Please help!!

Spotify Error.PNG
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Hi @cgvandoorn,  

Try adding your username URI first: 




The x's, of course, should be replaced with your username URI and playlist URI. 

It worked for me, I hope it helps. 

Hi Emilia,


Thanks for your answer but still no luck.

I get keeping this error:

'You must include a Spotify Playlist URI/link to create a post in the Playlist Exchange'

That's how it should look:



If it still doesn't work, then I don't know what's causing this issue. 

Yes that's exactly what i tried but doesn't work.

Anyway thanks for the help and have a great weekend!


Hi Emilia,


It finaly worked and you were right. I must have done something wrong the first time.

I used this link now:




No problem. I'm glad it finally worked.

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