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Every track broken

Every track broken

So, about 40 seconds into every track i select, it starts lagging/skipping. ive tried everything from reinstalling, to changing my password (idk why it'd help but it was suggested), and installing older versions of spotify and adjusting the encoding so it couldnt self update. nothing works, and it doesn't help that spotify doesn't help personally, just has us work it out amungst ourselves which is pretty ridiculous.

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Hey @NateYoung


Could you go to the web player ( and see if it's happening there as well?


Some antiviruses (and firewalls) do active https scanning which may cause those problems. Avast is one of those. Therefore if you're using an antivirus product, try turning it off for a moment to see if that's the one causing this. If it's a yes, there should be a way to whitelist Spotify there.


I would also open Resource Monitor as well to see if there is a spike in some resource usage (CPU, memory) during Spotify playback. If there are spikes, then I guess there are latency issues. However, they should generally be a little more widespread, meaning one is expected to experience dropouts elsewhere too, for example Youtube.


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