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FOLLOW artist option missing??????????

FOLLOW artist option missing??????????

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Both the windows app and the web version on Mozilla do not have the option to follow an artist. It disappeared after an update and never came back. This happened a few months ago. I have a screen shot to show as an example. This is your windows app pictured.


Please help.. this is frustrating.


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Hey @eastonellis, welcome to the Community.

Hope you are having a great time!

Nothing to worry! Spotify is undertaking some changes and Songs folder name is now Favorite Songs. Another change is that the + and Follow buttons are changed to a ♥︎.
You will be able to Follow artists and playlists by tapping that heart which will add the to Your library, but don't worry they won't be added to your Favorite Songs yet. When you open a playlist or when exploring an artisits page for songs you can tap ♥︎ again this time to save them in Favorite Songs.
Spotify has made this change to make one universal icon to add something to your library! ♥︎
If you don't like this change you can support this idea🙂

Have a nice day!

Imagine that... I do a trial month of premium and my FOLLOW button showed up again.  Your heart system does not work to follow artists. You need to be able to follow artists in order for your Discover section to work properly. How do you get around this?

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