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Favorite song icons not showing in my playlists

Favorite song icons not showing in my playlists

I run the Windows desktop application of Spotify. It looks like today the small green icon has changed that shows that you have added a song to your favorite songs. In this playlist and in all my others though, those icons do not show anymore:




This is my favorite songs playlist. As you can see, there are no green icons anymore showing. Instead when I hover over a song I can mark it as favorite - although it already is marked! When I go to the albums, the songs are shown as favorited there, but in all my playlist AND the favorite playlist, those icons are missing since today.


Also when I play a song from my favorite list, it shows with a green icon in the left bottom, yet it does not show in the list itself.

Top Answer

Hi folks!


This is one of the few changes that were introduced with the (+) button, which replaced the heart button. You may see:

  • a plus, allowing you to save the song in one of your personal playlists or Liked Songs
  • a checkmark, indicating that the song is already saved in one of your personal playlists or Liked Songs. Note that when viewing them, the checkmark will only be visible when you hover over a song, in case you want to add it to another playlist.

Your feedback on this is important, so keep on sharing it here - we appreciate it.



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wth... Spotify WHYYYY do you have to make each and every update worse :,( why? Do you hate paid customers? Like what is the agenda here? What am I missing?

Now in my latest Desktop update the Likes functionality is completely removed. I can't like a song, I can't see what songs I've liked... Do you understand how hard it is to have a playlist with 100's of songs and I need to find a specific song that I've Liked but forgot the name of. Why make changes just to make changes? Why can't we have nice things? T__T You a big meanie for this one! 💔


Desktop Version: Spotify for Windows (64 bit)

For my whole life, Spotify indicated a liked song in playlists by a heart/tick symbol like this:



(Took this image from the Spotify help pages, the tick/heart was marked green at some point)


I feel like it's not necessary to explain how useful that feature is. This has changed yesterday, you don't see that indicator anymore in playlists. Instead, it's now showing each song in any playlist as if it was already "liked" - regardless of whether you've liked it or not:



This makes navigating playlists and the UI unnecessarily complex. The tick symbol used to indicate whether I have this track in my "Liked Songs", now it doesn't indicate anything and I have to press this button to know if I have already liked the song. It used to work perfectly, now the whole UX for liking songs is broken thanks to that useless change.


Did you make this button useless on purpose or was it a mistake that you intend to roll back on?

Same problem. I can see green mark near the song title at the left bottom of the page.

Same. I depend on being able to easily identify songs I've marked as favorites in a playlist. Now there is no way to identify them.

I noticed additional **bleep**ery related to this same issue: After noticing the change, I tried dragging a playlist that was entirely songs I had previously "Liked" into my "Liked Songs" playlist, expecting to see the "These are already in this playlist" pop-up. Instead, the songs were all added without issue, and when I tried to remove them at the experiment's conclusion, it only gave me the option to "Unlike" the songs. I had to use keyboard commands to remove them, and now have no way of knowing if they're still "Liked" or not.


Why. On. Earth. would you make this the system for interacting with saved songs? Why not allow subscribers to be able to instantly like, unlike, and access the liked songs? Like, it's so **bleep**ing simple.


This is only the most recent completely baffling change that they have made. It's almost as if they purposely want to obfuscate the navigation of their own platform.


This is absolutely the last year I will be paying for spotify. Their changes are never, ever intuitive or asked-for.


Edit: Also I assume the "Casual Listener" flair is related to activity on these forums, and not actually our spotify use, right? Either way it's cheeky and I **bleep**ing hate it. Casual Listener my ass. **bleep** you, spotify.


Personal Computer

Operating System

Windows 10


Detection Date

On Tuesday, the 9th of January, 2024


My Question or Issue


When opening Spotify this morning, I notice the following changes:

1) For every title, a new green checked icon is displayed in order to view and/or modify the associated playlists for the involved title.

2) For a liked title, the green heart icon is not displayed anymore.

Consequently, I can't directly see which titles are already liked or not ; if it remains like this, for each title, I will have to click on the new green checked icon to see  whether the involved title is a liked one or not.

So, I'am afraid that I will take more time to check whether every titles are already liked or not.

Could the green heart icon be displayed again aside the new green checked icon for already liked titles?

Best regards.

Hi folks!


This is one of the few changes that were introduced with the (+) button, which replaced the heart button. You may see:

  • a plus, allowing you to save the song in one of your personal playlists or Liked Songs
  • a checkmark, indicating that the song is already saved in one of your personal playlists or Liked Songs. Note that when viewing them, the checkmark will only be visible when you hover over a song, in case you want to add it to another playlist.

Your feedback on this is important, so keep on sharing it here - we appreciate it.



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This must be a joke... saving a song in a playlist is not the same thing as being a favorite!
How on earth did you come up with such a change???

This is a terrible change. It completely ruins the transparency and as mentioned by another user: Liking songs and adding them to playlists are two different actions.

Who comes up with those ideas lately? I have the feeling that lots of changes lately make Spotify not easier and simpler but cluttered and harder to use.

Same. When I "like" a track I do this to TAG tracks in order to build playlists. This might FINALLY be the one change that forces me to END my premium membership. I've been able to adapt to all the other "improvements" but this one is a real showstopper for me. (BTW, THANK YOU for bringing back Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, and Ctrl+V. I was really struggling while that was not working for a month or so.)


VOTE for "Additional Green Checkmark for Same Song on OTHER Albums"

I guess my macOS Spotify recently updated and all the green-filled hearts for my liked songs are now gone. Why did this happen? No one is a fan of the minimalistic changes Spotify is making like the plus button to add a song and now removing showing liked songs in a playlist. I have a large playlist of over 1,000 songs and I like to see which ones I denoted as liked out of the 1,000. Here is what I see now, the top one is liked, but the bottom one is not. I want to be able to see that I liked the top one vs the bottom one. Also, moving the Whats's New up under your profile on mobile was stupid as well. Really considering Apple Music more and more now...



Hi! I have had the same problem with the Windows version since yesterday. To be honest, the opportunity to award hearts is the only reason why I've been on Spotify for over 5 years and dutifully pay my dues every month. I need this function to see whether I already have a track or not, unfortunately without this heart function I can no longer see it. I listen to an average of 60,000 minutes a year and with the amount of music I just need an overview of whether the song is duplicated or not, and that can be seen at a glance directly on the overview, and that was possible with the hearts.


Not anymore and if that isn't taken back, it's probably time for me to separate from Spotify, because as it is now, Spotify has become pointless 😞

Spotify, this was a terrible decision. As others have pointed out, to like a song and to add it to some playlist (e.g. a list of songs to listen to - that I even haven't heard yet, a list for my wife or a baby, or a list that I use for a sort of bookmarking, etc.) are different things. I want to immediately see which songs I liked in any list as I got used to - and this is on any platform.
So, please bring back the Liked icon (it can go alongside the new checkmark if you want). 

Just adding my two cents - I also use the Like button seperately to Playlists and this new update feels like a downgrade with the loss of the Like button, I vote for reinstatement!

I noticed there was no thread on the front page regarding this problem (there was yesterday) so I thought I’d post one.

I use the Like button separately to playlists and like to “mark” certain songs within playlists. Since this feature was taken away from the desktop app, I feel lost in my playlists.


I understand that some people might prefer this way but those people were not using the Like button in the same way as others. I do not understand why we cannot have both the Like/Heart and Tick/Check buttons on each song within a playlist.


It feels like this update only served to detract from the service / my experience, feels more like a downgrade.


I do not need a solution (such as “another playlist” for those “marked” songs) as Apple Music allows me to “mark” specific songs within a playlist and so I am considering moving my premium family plans over to Apple for the time being.

I very much dislike Apple UI but the I need to be able to mark specific songs within a specific playlist. Also, switching to Apple isn’t as tedious as I thought it’d be, I can export / import my playlists with ease.


I will keep checking back to see if Spotify reinstate the Like/Heart button and if it does come back, I will return in an instant!


So long Spotify and thanks for all the fish!









Operating System


Why was this choice made? Who has more influence in these decisions than paid Premium subscribers? When will a green icon be added back to denote a liked song? Your response will determine my move away from Spotify.

I looked this up because I thought they removed likes, but they actually didn't.


Likes are functionally the same to the way they used to be. If you click on the plus button, it will first add it to your liked songs playlist. If you click it again, you can choose to add it to a different playlist or remove it from your liked songs playlist.


This is basically how likes worked before, except they changed the heart icon to a plus icon, and added some functionality.


If any devs or UI designers see this, I think Spotify should just keep that functionality separate and bring back the heart icon. Ultimately it's not a big deal, but it is a bit confusing.


tldr Likes still exist, they just changed the heart to a plus

Liking songs is not what we lost. That function still exists in its new form as you have described. What is missing, is a visual cue of songs we have liked in a playlist. Used to be able to look at a playlist and see a heart next to songs we have liked. Now there is no visual cue at all. 


Yeah sorry, I know. I didn't elaborate because I felt like my message was getting too long, but that's part of why I think they should keep the functionality separate. But I did miss that this specifically is what most of the other commenters were upset about.


I never used likes to build playlists in that way, but it's clear its an important functionality for many users. I think its an easy mistake for the devs to make, hopefully a moderator on the forum can raise this to QA or who ever handles that.


There's utility in having separate visual cues for liked songs and songs already in a playlist.


To be honest I don't see the point in the extra functionality of the plus button. If I'm specifically adding a new song to a playlist, I don't want to have to like the song first, then click on the plus icon again to add it to a playlist, and then remove it from my likes if I don't want it there.


Its not a shortcut either because you need to click accept changes. If I'm looking at a song in a playlist, I can remove it in 2 clicks with the 3 dot menu. Using the plus sign would take 3 clicks. Same for adding songs to a new playlist.


Overall its not a good change. Its more cumbersome to use the plus sign for editing playlists than the already existing functionality, so users like me will just not use it. And it makes the user experience worse for people who made heavy use of the visual cue functionality for liking songs.

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