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FiiO K3 amp causes playback error (But a workaround is possible)

FiiO K3 amp causes playback error (But a workaround is possible)






Windows 10 Desktop PC

Operating System

Windows 10 pro 64 bit


My Question or Issue

 I was browsing through this community regarding of this error that I faced, "Spotify can't play this right now. If you have the file on your computer you can import it." So the first I did was to do a reinstall of the Spotify desktop app, but that did not solve the issue. Diving deeper into the forums, the issue was regarding the sound card that is selected in the sound settings.  I tried the methods of deleting the local-files at the appdata, etc. Still didn't work for me


As this amp is just plug and play, I went to download the official sound drivers from FiiO main page and had it up and running. But Spotify desktop still shows the same error. Upon chance, I swapped to my on-board sound card via the windows sound settings and it works!


This is when I realise that when I start Spotify or when I tried playing any songs with my FiiO amp as default, the Spotify just will display the error message. So the work around for me is that, right before I play any songs, I have to set any of the other devices (but I used the on-board soundcard) as default, select any songs and play it and pause it. Right after that, go back to the windows sound settings page and select the FiiO amp as default again and I am able to select and play any songs without any more issues.


So the question is, though I can do the work around method to utilise my amp, but then is it an error on my device setup that I cannot make it work on the first startup and spotify is unable to detect the FiiO amp as a device to play back and I have to do the work around? It is troublesome for me to keep swapping the devices as the FiiO amp is my main device all the time if I do wish to use headphones.


If anyone has the same amplifier as me, do let me know if you face the same issue. I tried this amp on my Mac and I do not face this issue. It's only for the Windows 10 Pro OS.


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Same problem here.. 

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