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Friend feed and radio not working

Friend feed and radio not working




The Netherlands




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Windows 10


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Since a week or something there are some issues with my Spotify for desktop. My friend feed is not showing ("Hmm, the Friend Feed failed to load" it says), I cannot use the radio ("Sorry. This radio station cannot be started.") and I don't get any suggestions anymore in my playlists etc. I have this problem on all my devices (laptop and pc, I don't use it on my phone).

Things I already tried (and did not work):

Log-on log-off
Restart pc
Update Spotify
Change settings of sharing with friends (I turned that off and on again)
Re-install Spotify


I seem to be the only one with this problem though, I've heard none of my friends about it.

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You're not alone. It recently started doing exact the same thing for me.
Radio gives me: Error, Failed to load
Friend Activity gives me: Hmm, the Friend Feed failed to load. And try again does nothing.
Daily mix is no longer showing up.
No more recommendations in playlists.
It works fine on my phone and i can resume the radio from my PC but i can not load the actual radio station on my PC (just keeps loading).
if i reïnstall the app it works again, however as soon as i close spotify and reopen it, it stops working again.

I have tried rebooting my PC
Reïnstalling spotify
Signing in and out

Nothing i try seems to solve the issue permanently

Hey, thanks for reaching out.


Try with another Spotify account. It could be an issue with your account.
Could you let me know the exact version of Spotify and the exact version of the operating system you're running?

I'll see what we can suggest!

Same situation for me. I have tried to reinstall, both the version directly downloaded from the official site and the windows store version. 


OS: Win 10 Pro

Hi there,


Other accounts do work indeed. But I don't have my playlists there.

My windows version is 1703 and my Spotify version is



Other accounts do work.
Spotify version: (Windows Store version) (normal Windows version doesn't work either)
OS version: Windows 10 Pro 1803 (OS build: 17134.12)

Found a solution in another topic that worked for me, thanks to



"Had this problem myself and have just fixed it when searching for a way to unfollow stations (which was broken as well).

I exited Spotify, then deleted the Spotify folder that is under:


Mine was nearly 4GB.

All problems fixed when restarting..."

Already tried that. Only fixes it until i close spotify and reopen it again. Thanks for the suggestion tho.

It's just a temporary fix, you can delete that folder everytime before you launch spotify. Thanks anyway

Hey @Legawien84,


I think I might have found the solution to your isse.

Check the original post in our community here.

The article that you will find in that commnity post. 


Have a nice day 🙂

You sir made my day. Works like a charm again.

Thanks a lot

Hi @DamnSamuraiGoon,


I am really happy that it worked for you. 

I just shared it, you should thank the guy from this post for sharing it, here.


Have a nice day 😄

You're the best!

It works!


Sorry, that's not working for me, somehow I'm not able to modify the hosts file. I don't get the option to open the file as administrator either. I think it might have worked for earlier versions of Windows, but for my Windows 10 I cannot manage to make it work. Microsoft apparently thinks I'm not the owner of my own pc anymore. Any other fixes possible?

You need to first launch "notepad" as administrator. In notepad click on "file" (top right corner) and select "open" navigate to "C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts" (make sure that the file type is set to all types otgerwise your hostfile will be invisible)

Hey @Legawien84,


Just drag it to another place, in your desktop for example.

Modify it there, save the changes and move it back to it's former location.

If you still need help just let me know 😉


Have a nice day 🙂

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