Ghost Filtering After Clearing Filter


Ghost Filtering After Clearing Filter

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United States


Custom PC

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit (1809)


My Question or Issue

Not really an issue, but more of a quirk. When I apply a filter in any playlist I create, it generates a list of all songs related to the keywords I enter which works like a charm. Now, here's when it happens: after I clear the filter, the filter seems to still be applied since I keep clicking the 'Next Song' button and it continues to play songs that were previously filtered. To break the 'ghost filtering' I have to play a song that was not in the list of filtered songs and then everything works normally when shuffling or just playing consecutive songs. 


This isn't urgent, but I just wanted to get a post out there to explain this. I have not tried this on any other device other than my PC, but will presume it is reproducible. I'm curious if anyone else can replicate this. 


I have also attached a video of this happening.