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Here is a good idea, make the app work before you update

Here is a good idea, make the app work before you update






Macbook Pro late 2016)

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(iOS 10


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Since the last update of spotify I have nothing but trouble. The new version of the desktop app is almost unusable. So many key functions are missing, to name a few: 

I can not search in a playlist, not easy if a playlist has 3000 songs.
Spotify does not notice when you add a song to a playlist that is already in there, and because of the search option not being there, I can't check if it is.
No local files support anymore, they still work on my iphone but I can't acces them on my computer anymore, can't add new ones and can't delete the old ones, this was one of the best features.
The app doesen't even show anymore how many songs there are in a playlist, I can go on for a lot more but you get the point.

Now, for the last few days I can't even play songs anymore, making the app completely useless, I pay good money for this service and I want an working app in return for that. Now it's a waste of money.

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