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How could this have happened?

How could this have happened?

I listen to Spotify daily on my Android device.  It's running version


I also listen on my Windows laptop at work using the desktop app running version


This morning when I started Spotify on my laptop and hit play, it started playing on my phone.    Connected devices showed my phone (Pixel 4). 


Now, the weird part....

My phone had WIFI turned OFF

My phone had Bluetooth turned OFF

My phone was only connected to the AC charger, not the laptop or docking station.


So HOW could Spotify Desktop triggered my phone to start playing on my Phone when there was nothing connecting my phone to any external network other than my cellular service?


Not panic-level stuff but definitely unsettling.   Has anyone experienced similar and how to disable this?


Thank you

2 Replies

Hey @edwardtwood,


Thank you for sharing your issue with the Community!
The connection between your PC app and the mobile one can only exist if your phone has some sort of an active connection to the internet. We'd suggest checking if maybe you're leaving your mobile data on 🙂
If this somehow reoccurs though, please make a video recording of what happens and share a link to it with us so that we can take a closer look at what's going on.

We're here for you if any further questions arise.

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I appreciate the attention.  I will continue to monitor this and record any repeat incidents.

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