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How do I Block / Hide artists w/ Premium on Android & Windows?

How do I Block / Hide artists w/ Premium on Android & Windows?


I saw in a news article that Spotify was getting this feature and it was slowlyl being rolled out. Articles said to click the 3 dot button and then Block / Hide. Its not there. I cannot seem to find it anywhere on the desktop app or on the Android app.


Its pretty frustrating because I am sick of seeing certain bands showing up on artist, song or album radios.

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Hey there @jferraro77,

thanks for posting in the community !


The feature of hiding\blocking an artist is a brand new one on the Spotify app that's why before taking a quick look at the pictures bellow, make sure you have the latest version of the app (if not, reinstall Spotify and it will assure you get the latest version).

Enter an artist profile and click on the 3 dots top right corner:



Then, on the menu presented you'll be able to see the new option of hiding\blocking which will look like this: 



I hope this helps.

If not, i'm always around - reply back to the post and i'll jump back in 😃



Thanks for replying!


However, my screen looks different compared to yours. Spotify on Android is up to date and so is Windows. Here is what it looks like for me:



Hey there @jferraro77,

thanks for the update.


This is an honest mistake.

The feature is only available for iOS users at the moment.


Sorry mistaking the platforms.


Hi @OneByBoo


Any idea when it will be enabled for Android?


Could I log into Spotify on an iOS device, block the artists and would they be blocked when I opened the Android app?

Hey @jferraro77,


Well to be honest i never tried blocking any artist on any device but you give it a try.


In addition, no official answer was released on when the feature will be available on other devices.


The community is a great source of info, check it once in a while and i’m sure an answer will pop up soon.


Great evening’

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