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How do I completely uninstall spotify?


How do I completely uninstall spotify?

I used the control panel unistall but it keeps poping up, I asking this because when I'm playing high graphic games, (league of legends, minecraft etc.) I randomly get a black screen, and I'm thinking its because of this, (my graphics card is really bad)

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Please see my previous pasts, the second from last.


From the start menu, locate Spotify by just typing it.  It will show a square icon for the windows store version.  Right click it and choose uninstall.  


If that doesnt work, continue:


 Download iobit’s uninstaller.  Once you’ve installed that, open it and on other lft choose Windows Apps.  Select Spotify and choose uninstall.  After it’s done, it gives you the option for a “powerful scan”.  Run th scam and it will remove all remnants of the Windows Store version of Spotify.  


Download the Spotify version rather than the Windows store version for easier management and updates of the program.  I have several Windows 10 computers and laptops, some have Spotify installed from the windows store without me installing it while other don’t.  I prefer the installer version over the windows store version.  

You won’t find the windows store versions in the traditional manner as most are kept in secure directories that only the Windows store can add or remove data/apps to. 


Regarding the registry, the Spotify app entries are removed upon scheduled clean up, usually through the windows store use or on a schedule.  You can uninstall the windows store version, not touch the registry, and download the Spotify installer from Spotify and the registry is updated then as well.  


Well, I followed your instructions and no luck so far.

Neither IObit, nor TuneUP Utilities could find the program to uninstall it, and It doesn't appear in control pannel.

SpotifyWebHelper is still running in the background though.


I entered Programfiles\WindowsApps and tried uninstalling the .exe there with IObits. It did, but spotify still appears as "intalled" at the store, so I can't use the standalone version downloaded from the Spotify webpage, because I "must first uninstall Windows store version" ¬¬

Gods. I'm seriously thinking of just restoring  a System image, and see if that works.


I'm all out of ideas here, pls help.


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