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How do I copy song names when using the desktop or web app?

How do I copy song names when using the desktop or web app?






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Hey, how do I copy song, album or artist names from spotify (either the web version or the desktop version)? It is especially troublesome when I can't type the names (i.e. when the song titles are in arabic/cyrillic/japanese etc.)

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Hey there @Arikabeth,

thanks for posting !


If i understand correctly, you want to copy song names from the app ?

If this is what you meant this isn't something a user can do.


You can reach out to the "Ideas" section of the community and have your suggestions implemented and voted for.


Have a great week 😃

You can do this by dragging the text from Spotify to Microsoft Word (Or excel or whatever). In the spotify desktop client highlight the tracks in a playlist - click and hold - drag to Word - let go. You'll see Song Names and Artists. Unfortunately Album Name is not there. I wish it were.

When I drag spotify song titles/artist names/album names to word/excell, I just get a copy to open the song/artist/album page in spotify, i.e. https ://open. 2WfaOiMkCvy7F5fcp2zZ8L (without the spaces) . Perhaps I could tweak some settings to alter what it copies though? I'm currently using spotify version on windows 10.


Edit: Never mind, now I see what you mean. While dragging the song title while using the web browser version of spotify, it does indee copy the song title and artist(s) of the song, thanks for pointing it out! That makes it a tiny bit easier.

It kind of works.

What I am getting is the code of an HTML page. Song title is buried somewhere inside, but it requires some effort to find it.

The Solution "It does not work. A user cannot do it" is not a solution. It is middle finger from Spotify management to you - the user.

Copy paste feature is not something not implemented. It is purposefully DISABLED to give you less freedom.


Spotify is payware. If you copy song name you might end up playing it from youtube or wherever else. This is not what Spotify wants. They want you to stay bound to their service and spend time only there. And what about when you want to google lyrics of your favourite Japanese song and you cannot retype its title? Well, then you get the middle finger!



I wonder if there's a difference using a Mac vs a PC. Here's a video of it working for me on a Mac.

I seem to remember being able to copy song titles about 6 years ago (as I have a backup list of all the songs I had in one of my playlists from back then), so I guess it was something that was removed intentionally from the PC client for whatever reason.

I am using Linux version and I am posting here because it is a live thread.

I think all desktop versions are run inside an embedded web browser. Probably electron. This makes it easier to port it to 3 different OSes and to the web version. Lots of software actually do it these days 😞


What you are dragging from this embedded browser are (depending where you first click) link URLs or the whole web page.


See the dead "bug report" in All Platforms:

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