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How do I make my browser open spotify links in the desktop app?

How do I make my browser open spotify links in the desktop app?

I've had apple music for many years, but wanted to go back to spotify, as I remembered it having lots of features that I missed at apple music. I have a windows computer with the spotify desktop app installed, connected to my stereo, and meticulously configured to play that very best stream quality that spotify offers. Everything hooked up, I was ready to browse albumoftheyear and finally hit that green beautiful spotify button to play the cool new albums. I click it the link. My browser opens a new tab. It says in the url bar of my browser. Fine, I think, just a config issue. I simply need to configure it to open in my desktop app of course. I google my issue and find to my complete surprise that the mighty spotify doesn't want its users doing that anymore. No explanation, of course. Now, apparently, the "expected behaviour" is that you play songs in the web player. The response in the forums from spotify is plainly that "this is expected behaviour". End of story. 


Well, spotify, I'm afraid that's the end of my spotify story too. It's not only that you removed this feature from spotify (being able to open links in the desktop app), it's also the way you respond to the countless forum posts about the issue. You come off as a terribly arrogant bunch, spewing canned corporate responses. But why, spotify? I actually thought you were cool once. 


Isn't it strange that such a - to you, seemingly - minor issue has me writing this long post and cancelling my premium subscription? I know you probably don't care about how my brief re-experience with spotify was, but maybe you should? 


For the record, here is what upsets me:


-forced behaviour of opening links in the browser when I have installed and configured the desktop app to my needs (and no, I don't want to copy and paste that url)


-canned responses from spotify on these forums, deliberately avoiding answering or explaining why this feature has been removed


-marking responses like "this is expected behaviour" as a solution to the post, and arrogantly on top of that inviting the user to "submit it as an idea" for future development


Please, spotify, be cool again? 

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I 100% agree. 

Spotify moderators keep on directing us to "solutions" but nothing is solved. I have the app and want to use the app, not the web browser - what is the point of your app then?


Please reply with something useful and not with a generic meaningless answer.




I agree with this users feedback.


Now, why do I see "user-removed , Not applicable" in the post details? What is going on here?


Hey folks!


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community.


Looks like other users also think this would be a good idea, so you can add your +Vote and Subscribe to this thread. That way you can stay up-to-date with any relevant news about this.


@Morriz, regarding your question, this can happen if a user either closes their Spotify account or their Community account gets suspended. In these cases, any user-data gets removed due to our privacy policies, so this is the reason why the username is now not visible.


If you have any other questions, give us a shout 🙂 

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