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How to ask for refund

How to ask for refund

Hello all, my daughter just paid her premium spotify. I opened a spotify family account. How can i get a refund for the premium or use the money she paid for the family account. I already made her a member of the family account. Please advise me since i cannot call anyone.
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Hello @bert_jonker

You can find out more on Spotify's official refund policy on this page.

 I bought a month’s premium and didn’t know I had to cancel my subscription. I would like to request a refund as I did not use spotify

Hello, i would like to get a refund as i have canceled my premium a long time ago. And apparently, my money is still getting taken, i want my money back.

Hi my son accidently purchased a premium version on weekend and i just just saw the payment, is there any way the refund? Little short on the monay right now so would highly appreciate it. Thank for the help.

Hi, I switched my premium individual to duo and I would like to get my money back from the individual premium. Please and thank you 

Hey @Amanda68,


Thanks for the post.


When you switch from one premium plan to another more expensive one, the price difference is automatically calculated and the equivalent premium time is added to your account, based on how many days of Premium Individual you had left before your next billing date. So the premium time you've already paid for is automatically added to your Duo 🙂


Hope this clears things up. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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hi there I want my money back after it automatically come out my account and I don’t have Spotify premium

I got the one month free trail on March 21 and it said i was supposed to be charged on the 21 of April but I got charged on the ninth and I didn't want to get premium again

Hi, so I'm a student and normally use the student plan...I logged in today and saw I my money got deducted as I am now somehow part of the regular premium plan. I want to switch back to student premium and get a refund from the regular premium plan. 

hi, I was part of the regular premium plan for sportily then I cancelled the plan and went to Apple Music bc it has better audio like Lossless Audio and Dolby Atmos, but even tho I cancelled the Spotify premium plan, it still took money out of my account! so I went back to the Spotify page and it said that I was out of the plan but they still took my money. How can I get my money back??

Hi folks,


Thanks for your posts.


I understand your concerns. You can have a look at the refund policy here.


Even though your issues are all very different I'll do my best to help out, even though it would be better if you open new threads in the relevant Help Board for each individual issue.


@Z33XD, it would be best if you check this article out, as you might find some helpful info in there.


@tafnn, to me this looks like your Student Discount might have expired. You can check the status of your account on your account page and renew your student discount.


@Itslilmoo and @Josiah122, it would be best if you reach out directly to our customer support team through one of the channels here and explain what has happened. They can then have a look backstage and check out what's going on with your subscriptions, since as Community moderators we don't have access to that information. They'll be able to tell you where those charges are coming from and find out if you have any possible additional accounts.


Hope this helps. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.



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Hey Alex, I already verified and renewed my student account before it expired so I don't how and why I got moved to Spotify Premium.

i recently subscribed to spotigy premium but i haven't used it yet how do i get refund

my account is doing the same thing and I would like my refund also

Hi, i would like to get my money back . No one reminded me that my free premium plan finished and they charged me.I want a refund

Hi Alex, I until now had a premium subscription  and forgot to cancel it, so today it took money for month that I want to refund now

I'd like to refund my premium, it tried canceling it last minute and it ended up charging it again, I did not want premium anymore.


This link is the customer service chat bot. I prompted it with “refund” and it was quickly refunded.

Hope this helps?

I just had the same problem! How do I get this fixed!!

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