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How to bookmark a song in an album or playlist

How to bookmark a song in an album or playlist

Since I sometimes go through long playlists or anthology albums while exercising, it is important to me to pick up where I left off the next time I exercise. I used to rely on checking my history for this, but now that my history is limited in size, it doesn't always work. If I could bookmark where I left off, I wouldn't need to rely on the history, and now I have figured out a way to do that. The trick is to save the song I stopped at to a new playlist. I could use a playlist called Bookmarks, but this works just as well so long as I don't have too many playlists. This way, the new playlist gets the name of the song and serves as my bookmark.


If the song is from an album I am playing, then I'm done, and when I want to resume the album, I just go to the one-track playlist, go to the album it's from, and resume the track within the context of the album. If I just clicked the song within the one-track playlist I made, it would just play that one track and not resume the album. So, it's important to go to the album first and find the track there.


If the song is from a playlist, then I should also follow the playlist. This provides a reminder of which playlist I want to resume, and it provides a ready link for doing so. To resume a playlist, I must go to the playlist the song was from, find the track I saved to a one-track playlist as a bookmark, and resume the playlist at that track.


I assume this will work on any platform, but it is labeled as Windows, because this commenting system requires overly specific labels, and Windows is what I use.

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Hey @fduniho!

That's a pretty good idea 🙂 One other option is to use a website called to "scrobble" your Spotify tracks to it. Basically, it creates a massive, unlimited history of what you listen to instead of the little short history that Spotify shows you. If you want some more information, check out Spotify's guide to scrobbling.


Happy listening and enjoy the holidays 🙂

I think every audio book listener miss this feature too. So am I. Heavily.

I missed the bookmark feature as well. That's why i developed a little web app

which helps me to bookmark my last played audiobook tracks. 


i hope it helps you as well


I'll give this a try: sounds like a good idea. For years, I have been taking screenshots of where I am on an album or playlist and using that to navigate to the song. 

Seit Jahren warten WIR auf eine Bookmark funktion. Es kann doch nicht sein dass es den Entwicklern nicht möglich ist diese funktion zu inplementieren!! Wenn schon Hörbücher, dann mit Lesezeichen.
Schwach für ein führender Streaminganbieter.


In short, when I return to an albun or a playlist, I want spotify to remember where I left off and continue from there.


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