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How to (rapidly) get the names of playlists from the library (and not just get the URL)

How to (rapidly) get the names of playlists from the library (and not just get the URL)







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Hey, do anyone here know how to copy the playlist names from Spotify? It used to be possible to drag and drop from the web player version of Spotify into Excel 4 years ago as mentioned in this thread, but currently that functionality seem to have been removed, as drag-and-dropping playlists into Excel now only copies the URL instead of the name of the playlist, so do anyone know of another method to rapidly copy the names of tracks in playlists?

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Hey @Arikabeth,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome.


We can confirm there's no official way to do this at the moment. We understand where you're coming from and why you'd like to see this implemented in the app.


No worries! You can have a look in our Ideas board to see if someone else has a similar idea and vote for it. If perhaps you don't find any ideas on those lines, you can post your own idea, but keep in mind you have to follow our Ideas Exchange Guidelines. That way, your suggestion will be approved more quickly and smoothly.


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Hey, thanks for the responce, but I found a Python library for the Spotify API which should relatively easily allow me to make a script for extracting the playlist names with URLs attached which seems like one of the better options at the moment.


I hope you do not consider it rude of me to not post a request for an idea for re-implenting functionality for extracting playlist names. I do not have high hopes for seeing it implemented no matter how many votes the idea might get since I get the impression that it is intended that names from Spotify is difficult to extract by design (for much the same reason that third party software or scripts is required to be able to access things like track names, artist names and album names from Spotify).

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