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I can buy spotify student..

I can buy spotify student..

Hello, I already have my student profile until 7/10/2021. And I already took free 1-month trial on spotify. Now, if i want to buy spotify student, on main page there are only pack where are spotify student and 1 more trial month, but  I cant buy it, cuz i already had one. Solve? I need my student...


Thx a lot,


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Hi there @JerryVCZ

thanks for reaching out !


I would love to lay a hand here, however i'm not sure of the issue you're experiencing.


You claim to try and get the Student plan, however you're on one already ?

I would have to ask for a screenshot of what you see on your screen with a bit more info.


Make sure to hide any sensitive info presented while uploading your pic.


Waiting on your update 🙂

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