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I can't download Spotify!

I can't download Spotify!


This is super weird...


Well, today i tried to download spotify from like everytime i does, but when i tried to Open it on my desktop it says: "Please install Spotify with an normal account, not with Administrator one" 


I actually tried with a "Standart/Normal Account" and happens the same thing, also i did some things that says the Community Members on threads and nothing works... wish you can help me!


And by the way, i downloaded Spotify other times. This problem appears on the new update of Spotify.

                                                           (Spanish language)


- Alesz

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Hey there @Alesz

thanks for posting !


Can you please try and use this Microsoft Version of Spotify ?


Let me know how it goes 🙂

Hi, thanks for answer my problem


I just got in the Microsoft Store, i clicked the buttom "Get" and it just relog the website, also i am in Windows 7 and the System Requirements are Windows 10.


Wish there's another solution for this problem, waiting your answer, thanks.




- Alesz

Hey @Alesz

thanks for the update !


I see you mentioned following some steps suggested in the community.

Can you please tell me which so i'll and provide new methods ?


Thanks 🙂

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