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I can't login and use Spotify.


I can't login and use Spotify.


I recently re-installed my computer, and started using Windows XP instead of Vista.
But I can't login on spotify, I dont have any Virus programs with firewall against spotify etc.

Please help.

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In response to Meredith's response to xchaser: I will be spending a significant amount of time in Puerto Rico soon. I cancelled my Spotify Premium account because I thought it wouldn't work while I was there. I am currently in a U.S. state. At what point would my account stop working after I get to Puerto Rico? From the user's end, is the unavailability of Spotify in Puerto Rico a problem of a credit card payment with a Puerto Rico billing address, inability to stream or download the music, just at the point of creating a new account, or something else? Thanks!

Hi Homestyle - As far as your personal account goes, you'll only be able to access Spotify for 14 days while you're in Puerto Rico. If you want to keep using Spotify during your travels you'll need to upgrade to Unlimited or Premium before you leave. 


For some more info on why we aren't available in Puerto Rico please check out this FAQ page on our site:


If you wanted to keep updated on Spotify's availability in new countries it's worth keeping an eye on the Spotify Blog.  





Sorry, just to clarify -- that means if I upgrade to Premium now, before I move to Puerto Rico, I will have full access to Spotify Premium while I'm in Puerto Rico? Not just for 14 days?

Yep that's correct. You'll just need do that while you're still in the United States so that payment can go through successfully. 

I'm having a similar issue, though no error messages I simply cannot log into spotify on my mac. I'm using the latest version of the application. I'm having no problems logging in at though I have not been able to log in with the OSX client to date.



Alexturner - What exactly happens when you try and log in? You're account looks fine this end.

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I dont even have my firewall on and it still says i cant log in because supposly of a firewall ! Smiley Sad

please help - can't login to Spotify app on Windows (even tried to uninstall and reinstall the app)

then i tried to log into web access and get the 'wrong password' message.

I then went through the workflow to 'reset password' which logs me on here successfully after password change - HOWEVER, in a different browser OR in the Spotify app the new password or any of the old password is no longer valid. I only can remain in logged in state from a successful password change.


Please help. just noticed this last few days and it hasn't gone away. 

I'm seriously annoyed. I have had the same problem as everyone else - "needing to update your firewall" blah blah. I've tried a lot of different things with both Spotify and Windows and nothing works. And then, of course you send us to "error 101-126" that doesn't actually have any step by step directions to "update the firewall" - it just simply gives you 3 reasons why it's not working, but no solution. Please don't make me go back to Pandora. 

I live in Puerto Rico, does that means that I cannot use spotify here?? Everytime I try to log, gives me error 408

Hey there!


Spotify is not available in Puerto Rico!


However with Unlimited or Premium you can travel as much as you like, just ensure your subscription is for enough time to travel with it. You can even live in another country for year for example if you have a one year subscription. However when you use Free, you have only two weeks for travel time.


You need to be in launch country and also launch country credit card from country to be able to renew/subscribe/use Spotify, but then when you travel you can keep your Spotify with you when you use Unlimited or Premium. So if you for example live now in Finland and have Premium to December 1 2013, you can use Spotify abroad to this date. You can also renew subscription with year or two, if you think you will be in another country for 2 years.


You can't activate Spotify without credit card in that country. Card should be from country you are using Spotify. And Spotify can be activated only in selected countrys. You can see all of those at


To use Free service you do not need a credit card, however you still create account only from country where Spotify is available.

Hi Cilmiris -  I'm afraid we don't support national territories at the moment. We'd love to, but there are technical and legal restrictions stopping us from doing so.


If there are any changes or updates regarding Puerto Rico they'll be announced on the Spotify Blog first.

I can't login - I keep getting an error 412 but I disabled firewall.  I changed my facebook password and unistalled and reinstalled spotify on my computer.  I also can't login on my mobile.  Help!!

HI tam5385 - Your account is certainly healthy on our end. 



The next thing I'd like for you to try is signing into the actual Facebook website.



From there just click the 'Music' tab on the lefthand side. Then click on any Spotify track--the Spotify app will then launch with your account automatically logged in.


It is not letting me login when I am using the correct FB information. I can get on from the website and FB but when I use the computer icon it says my information is incorrect.

Nbarron - Have you tried what Meredith mentions above? It should force your Spotify open.

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Who's your Spotify Star?

nbarron - How's that working for you? Were you able to sign in via the Facebook website?


Is the desktop log in working for you now?



Hi mannaggai - While we'd love to be available everywhere, Spotify isn’t available in several overseas territories belonging to Finland, France, the UK and the US, amongst other countries, due to technical and legal issues.


Users that begin a subscription in one of the 50 US states can then travel to Puerto Rico with their Spotify. However, it's not possible to use a free account for more than 14 days. 


Please keep an eye on the blog for updates:


I have tried everything that you have suggested throughout this thread of conversation. but my spotify still says error 101 and that i need to let it through my firewall, I already did that, I also uninstalled it and reinstalled, i tried to force it open on facebook, etc. etc. It wont let me sign on

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