I cant play any song on spotify ,not even on spotify browser

I cant play any song on spotify ,not even on spotify browser








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Windows 10


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 I cant play any somg on spotify , when I try to play it , it dousent work ,my favorite song is not there , but on my phone I can see it and play it , but on pc I cant ,I can search any song , but I cant play it ,I uninstall the apk , I change my dns , but nouthing , I even try to use spotify on web , but is show me the next thing : *The Ip adress for the was not found.*

Please help me !



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Also the same problem. My playlists show no songs and try to reccomend songs but the playlists already have songs on which I can play on my phone. I've also tried to reinstall spotify multiple times but the desktop app can't play any songs and show no songs on any playlists even the spotify made playlists. The web player shows songs but unable to play songs. I have premium and this is unacceptable, why am i paying for this if it does not even work. Please any fix?




I have the same problem.

Spotify says all of my playlists are empty. Even Spotify-created playlists are empty.

Nothing plays in web-browser either.

I've reinstalled the desktop app a few times, on both of my PCs.

Only works on my phone app for some reason? It gives me the option to "play on another device" which is odd because I thought that was only available to premium subs.

Found this on another post, user "aaseiler" helped me and it worked:


It even got my activity tab working, that's been dead for months!

I recommend checking your hosts file for any Spotify-related entries.
The file is capable of redirecting traffic for addresses it contains, so it can break Spotify app when it contains Spotify addresses.


It's easy to check and edit, you'll need admin rights:

1. open Notepad as an administrator (right-click - Open as Administrator)
2. go to File - Open and navigate to


3. Choose "All Files" instead of "Text Documents" next to the File Name box. You'll see a handful of files. Pick hosts and click on Open.
4. The file is opened. You will see a block of text with # in front of each line and might see entries like

Check for any entries with spotify or fastly in the address. Examples may look like: 

(and any variations inbetween)
5. If you do find any, you can delete the line. You can also add a # in front of the line, that's 'commenting out'.
6. Save your changes. Restart Spotify.


Hi @Edy03,


Try Reinstalling Chrome, and the app. Restart your computer, and also check this out: 

Cheers and good luck!



I'm also having that same issue, but only with the desktop app version. the web browser plays just fine, and all songs are in the playlists. when I have both desktop and web version opened, a song that is playing in the web browser, if i change the connected devices to the desktop, it just stops music and the album image dissappears. android version works flawlessly as well, is only the desktop app.


I already tried modifying the hosts file, but there was not a single line for blocked addresses, so that is not the issue. also tried reinstalling the app, cleaning the cache, removing registry data from windows, even installing a previous version of the app, no luck. Having spotify premium and being **bleep** of because of this, doesn't make any sense. 

2019-02-19 17_25_32-Spotify.jpg


thank you, it's works ! 🙂


Thanks! please mark this as the solution

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