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I'm not able to play music anymore

I'm not able to play music anymore


I ahve try several things but without any success (reinstall, change settings, ....)

But since 5 days, the Spotify application on Windows 10 do not work anymore. 

I can open it, go to playlist and so on. But when i want to play music, it pass through the other without any sound played ....

After the end of teh playlist, for example, the application displays a message "This song id not available.If you have this file on your computer you can imlport it."

It works correctly on my phone.

Could you please help me.


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Similar problem. Spotify is working fine on my phone and tablet, but no sound comes out when playing on Acer laptop or Surface?  Everything on the screen is normal??  I am also using Windows 10 on the 2 computers. 

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