If Daily Mix,Friends Feed,Radio DON'T WORK try this solution

If Daily Mix,Friends Feed,Radio DON'T WORK try this solution

Hello, after some investigation i'll found a solution that work for me.

I don't know wich software do this (some antispyware or similar), but my HOST file was modified with this voice    spclient.wg.spotify.com


Remove the line, save the HOST file, restart spotify client and/or your desktop.

If you have trouble with managing HOST file, please read this guide.




This solution work for me !!

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Hallelujah!! Ive been complaining to Spotify in forever and they just keep saying to wait for updates but thank youuuu. this helps so much. ive got my radio and friend feed working again.

this worked! thanks!

you are god sent

I had this issue for months, months and you solved it. YOU ACTUALLY FOUND OUT HOW TO DO IT! HAHAHHAHA THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I hope Spotify never add that Host back.

Works fine for me! Thanks I was going mad!

Thank you!! I now have access to my Daily Mix again! 🙂

literally just saved my life. thank you!!

I've done it three times exactly the way instructions told me to, still, Spotify Friend Feed, Daily Mix, Not showing up in other friends working friend feed, Radio Stations still not working! SPOTIFY SHOULD BE ASHAMED. 

my HOST file doesn't even have that extra line, and my friend feed is still not loaded ://



I can't find my HOST file 😞 I searched everywhere but maybe not well. 


Where do I find this host file? Please advise

Hosts file location (Windows) :


This totally worked! For the first time in three months I have the Daily Mix back.

Thank you!



when i first saw this (a few months ago) it worked but now my Spotify has gone back to "The friend feed failed to load" but the Radio & Daily Mix works. I tried the solution again and the "    spclient.wg.spotify.com" wasn't there.


Any other way?


I've seen the abba.json posts but I can't find it (I'm on a Mac)

Thank you so much, now all features works perfectly!

How to fix this on an android phone? tried this on 2 mobiles and still the same. Radio station error yet i am trying to play offline playlists?

I love this person

IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Thanks you so much!! ♥

I don't know how you figured this out, but you're my new personal hero! 


For all of you that say it didn't fix it: Make sure you edit the 'hosts' file, not the 'hosts.bck' one. I neither realized there are two hosts files, but it solved my problem. 


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