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Install update loop, error code: 24

Install update loop, error code: 24






PC (Asus Z97-P, Intel Core i5-4670K)

Operating System

Windows 10 x64


My Question or Issue

Each time I get a Spotify update I get stuck in an installer error loop which means I can't open Spotify at all unless I uninstall and reinstall it completely. This can happen every week to literally every day, and it's becoming very frustrating!


I've tried

  • Uninstalling the program completely, deleting registry files and such
  • Reinstalling with a fresh .exe download from the site
  • Reinstalling it to run from C:\Program Files instead of Users\AppData

So if anyone has any ideas for me I'd appreciate it a lot!

Thanks for your time 😄



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Still getting this error! Is anyone out there 😂

There are a few other threads about this problem. You're not the only one. I'm running into it now. I wish someone at Spotify could tell us what error code 24 actually means so we can start figuring out how to fix it.

Hopefully if we just keep talking about it, someone will give us an answer! Glad I'm not the only one..

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