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Issue uploading local files from one album

Issue uploading local files from one album







Operating System

Windows 10 Home Edition


My Question or Issue

Spotify for my desktop seems to have "forgotten" my local files. I re-uploaded them/re-synced them, and all was fine. But, now, I cannot play one artists album specifically. Serena Ryder's album Utopia(Deluxe). I own the physical copy of this CD, and the .RAR file that was given from ordering off of the website. The files are .MP3

-Artist is Serena Ryder

-Album is Utopia(Deluxe)

-Spotify only has about 5 songs off the album (liscensing issues I assume)

-Re-synced + re-downloaded what I can

-Allowed Spotify to bypass the firewall

-Does not appear in my search under Local Files

-Rebooted Spotify/Windows/Updated Windows and Spotify

-I have made new folders for this album

-I have changed the location of the album to another hard drive

-I have re downloaded the album itself from her website

-There is no DRM/Protections for the files

-The files are all in .mp3 Format.


Spotify cannot register this album as of 3/11/2019.


This album is owned by me. Spotify refuses to acknowledge its existance.


I am at a loss as to what to do.

13 Replies

Hello @Kadejr ,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!


First of all, I'd like to sincerely apologise for all the inconvenience caused.

I have escalated this topic, a moderator will look into it and help you sort this out soon!


Bear with me


Hello @Kadejr,

Could you please give me more information so it's easier for the devs?


  • Do you get an error message (screenshot preferred)?
  • Are you able to import the music to Spotify but is unable to play, or if it's not even possible to import the music into Spotify?
  • music doesn't play after syncing to mobile device, or if it never plays in general?

Thanks in advance

  • Do you get an error message (screenshot preferred)?

There is no error message as of now. The only one that showed up, before i re-synced all my music was the generic "If you own this, you can import it then listen to it" message at the top. I have tried doing this a multitude of times, and nothing.


  • Are you able to import the music to Spotify but is unable to play, or if it's not even possible to import the music into Spotify?

Originally, it was greyed out, after this all started happening, and would not play.


I have managed to get all my music into Spotify, so Local Files picks it up, except for that one specific album. It will not play, as it does not detect it. I have gone into the Local Files area and told it to use that albums folder. I have also told Spotify to forget everything except for that album, and still nothing. Still will not import it or detect it.


  • music doesn't play after syncing to mobile device, or if it never plays in general?

Music cannot play, as Spotify will not recognize it's existance anymore, on any platform. These files are on my Desktop computer. And they are not selectable/playable/visually there within spotify anymore under local files.

Hey @Kadejr ,


Before I begin, please keep in mind that Spotify can't guarantee that all local files will be playable. Install QuickTime for a better chance to play these files. 


First of,

Add individual tracks from the album in separate folders, add the folders as sources and see if Spotify is able to synchronize any of them.


If that doesn't work, reinstall the app, and remove all offline devices from the account page. While reinstalling, and after uninstalling, go to %appdata% in file explorer and delete everything that's Spotify-related from both 'Roaming' and 'Local' folders.

Do note that any music downloaded for offline listening will have to be re-downloaded. 


Hope this helps 🙂 

I have done this already. Ive reinstalled and uninstalled Spotify and have deleted all spotify before reinstalling. I have also done the thing where you delete the local/roaming.bat file, I think thats what it was. I have removed all ofline devices too, and nothing.


I also want to add that, I have tried getting Spotify to recognize the file on 3 different computers, with no other music or MP3 files available aside from the 1 album I am trying to listen too.

I feel like I have done everything possible, and I cannot listen to music I own through a media player, even with streaming capabilities. I have not had it this bad in the past, and this is a breaking point for me and keeping Spotify. This was not even an issue 2 weeks ago, and now it is, and I dont know why.

I dont see how Spotify cannot guarantee playing .mp3 files, even if the User owns them.

Hey @Kadejr.


Thanks for getting back to us. Don't worry, we'll keep at it 🙂


Just to confirm:

  • do the songs from that album appear as greyed out now, or have they disappeared entirely?
  • did they stop appearing/being playable after you updated the Spotify app?

Once we have this information, we'll be able to look into this further.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply.

The songs do no appear at all. There is nothing to select when in regards to the album.

They stopped appearing as of about 2 weeks ago. I do not know if there was an update that went out then. Just, after Monday 2 weeks ago, it is no longer available within spotify through local files.

Hey @Kadejr.


Thanks for letting us know.


So that we can report this to the right team, could you provide us with the following info:

  • devices + OS versions
  • exact Spotify version?

We've also renamed the thread so that other users who are experiencing this can find it more easily.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply.

The device is Windows 10 Home Edition, Deskstop.


Desktop version is

Hey @Kadejr.


Thanks for providing us with that info. We've passed it on to the right people.


Lastly, could you send us the link from which you downloaded the album?


Thanks 🙂


This file has been tested on 3 different computers and current version of spotify. It no longer sees the album.


Hey @Kadejr.


Thanks for your patience on this and for providing us with all the necessary info.


We reached out to our tech team about this, but unfortunately this is not something that they were able to reproduce on their end.


Since this is happening on multiple devices using the same account, the last thing to try would be to create a new account, upgrade to Premium and see if the issue persists there.


If this solves it, then you can reach out to our Customer Support team herewho can help you move all your content to the new account and then close your old one.


Let us know how it goes! We'll be here in case you have any other questions.

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