Issue with adding to queue and music repeating twice

Issue with adding to queue and music repeating twice








Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

When I am adding music to queue, it wouldn't work on the first time. I need to click it twice. It happens even when I waited for a while after my first click (in case the API hasn't finished sending).


Also, usually the song after the queue will get repeated twice. For example:

Now Playing: Song A

Queue: Song B

Next Up: Song C, Song D

Song C will somehow get played twice. I'm not sure if it's related to me clicking add to queue twice. Even then, the one should be played twice is Song B, right?


There were also instances when the song playing is Song C but the player is showing a totally different song. I still couldn't find the scenario when this happened. Will submit another message when I find the way to recreate this bug.

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I have exactly the same issues. It's very annoying because I use the Que function very often, but now I always have to add a song twice and check if they really are added.


I'm also having problems with this issue :

In this topic someone says it has to do if you are connected to a device. So I tried putting numbers in the que without using an external device to play the music and it worked just fine.
Are you using an external device?

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